Record and store the details of important mobile calls.

Tote Notes™ is an easy way to record and organize personal notes for your most important phone calls. After you hang up, tap once to record a voice note, and tap a second time to send – you’ll receive an email with an MP3 of your notes, the note transcribed to text, and your contact’s info in the email subject line. Tote Notes is an innovative tool for busy people to keep track of contacts, customers, and all of life’s details – as much or as little as they’d like.

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Notes on the go

Automatic prompts

Organized in your inbox




Fits any business or organization. Use Tote Notes as it is, or use our API to customize Tote Notes to your needs.


Incredibly easy. Two taps and your voice is all it takes.


Never gets in the way. Tote Notes™ is there when you need it, and fades away when you don’t.


Makes your email even better. Send your Tote Notes™ to any address. Adjust your folder settings to store and organize your Tote Notes™ however you’d like.

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